What We Offer

During the “Recession” we shoveled snow and installed pet doors……but under normal circumstances we build new houses, remodel old, build additions, decks and porches. We do all types of remodeling–it’s not unusual for us to do a large remodeling project that includes new roofing and siding, window replacement, one or more additions, all new baths and kitchen, floor refinishing, painting, etc. We do renovations, historic restorations, site work, swimming pools and elevators. We have added second stories and retrofitted basements on existing buildings. The vast majority of our work is residential although we are occasionally talked into a commercial project.

Among many distinguished clients, a number of local architects have flattered us by asking Ace to work on their own homes as well as their clients’. We have built avant-garde, ground breaking contemporary homes as well as classically traditional homes, ranging in style from the Old Dominion estate to the archetypal Virginia “farm house.” We are state “A” registered and fully insured. Among other places, our projects have been published in Virginia Record, The Washington Post Home Magazine, Architecture, 18 Houses edited by Jude LeBlanc, House Beautiful, Country Living, Clark and Menefee by Richard Jensen, Washington Spaces, The New American House 4 edited by Trulove and Kim, Inform, Home & Design, Virginia Living, dwell, C’ville Abode and some Japanese and Italian magazines we couldn’t read.

Standard Services

The typical course of an Ace project from beginning to end involves most, if not all, of the following steps:

Not on the above list are three important intangibles (among many):

We pride ourselves, first of all, on our honesty. There are lots of opportunities in business to deceive or to take something one hasn’t earned. Over the years such schemes have occasionally been suggested to us by others. This is simply not our way. It is it not how we want to be treated and it is not how we treat anyone we have dealings with.

Second, we are dedicated to excellence; we offer conscientious attention to detail, to the architects’ plans, specs and intentions and to our clients’ desires and budget. We have been trained to respect blueprints and specifications, not as rough guidelines, but as the carefully considered, exact reflection of our clients’ wishes.

Third, we try to maintain good humor. When things go well this allows us to celebrate our craft and a good project; when there are problems and stress, this helps us keep things in perspective and remain good partners while solutions are sought.


We want you to be happy with our work. In general, if there is something we have done that you are not happy with, we would like the opportunity to make it right. This is not the LL Bean “send-anything-back-for-any-reason” guarantee but as close as our attorney will let us make it.

Specifically we will:

Understandably our Warranty would not cover things like design flaws, work performed by others that we were not responsible for, or problems caused by improper use or maintenance.

Mission Statement

To provide, for everyone who works at Ace, a decent livelihood and basic financial security in the profession of building & remodeling. Among other things this includes a fair wage, paid vacation, holiday and leave time, medical insurance and provision for retirement.

To provide a safe work environment for all Ace employees as well as other workers on our projects.

To provide a positive, supportive work environment in which everyone feels appreciated and respected and which encourages initiative and the achievement of personal and professional goals.

To fulfill our clients’ wishes and expectations; to achieve their goals efficiently, within budget and on schedule.

To provide a work force of friendly, skilled, honest craftsmen who are welcome and trusted by all of our clients.

To produce aesthetically pleasing, safe, enduring shelter incorporating the highest quality workmanship, materials and subcontractors.

To foster harmonious, friendly, supportive relationships among all we come into contact with in the course of our work: employees, clients, subs, suppliers, architects, financial professionals, competitors, etc.

To be engaged with, and contribute to, the Charlottesville/Albemarle community and to the local community of building professionals.

To return a modest profit to the owners of Ace Contracting.