Those T-Shirts

Early during our first few years in business we decided to spend some of our non-existent Advertising Budget on t-shirts. The first shirt was a fire engine red pocket tee that featured our new, ladder-toting carpenter logo and a saying that one of our employees was fond of: Good Enough For Who It’s For. It was an instant hit. Everyone including our clients loved it. (Some of us still treasure our ragged, faded original collectors edition of this shirt.) After a while some snooty English major pointed out that it should be Good Enough For Whom It’s For. But when we made this correction on our next order of shirts the apostrophe disappeared from “It’s.” We had a heck of a time getting a grammatically correct version of that original saying.

Dozens more sayings have been added as well as all colors of the rainbow, women’s panties and thongs, infant lap-shoulder tees, women’s tank tops, etc. We branched out into imprinted towels, hats, aprons, jackets…’s actually sort of an unhealthy obsession, searching for new items to slap Ace on. A few years ago our ladder-toting carpenter was given an age-appropriate update when his hair and mustache turned white and he started wearing glasses. We have had more than one client insist that our contract include Ace tees at the end of the job.