What Our Clients Say

Instead of asking specific people to write a blurb about how “wonderful it is to work with Ace” we decided to include some unsolicited comments from past clients. These are just a few of many letters, notes and e-mails from a dog-eared, overflowing folder that we have been saving for years and that we are inordinately proud of.

“If you’d ever like to use me as a reference please do–I promise to say glowing things.” –(2015—a large remodeling job in Cismont)


“Tim, we have enjoyed the development of a special relationship with your firm. Wish everyone we work with could be as good as Ace.” –(2014—Manhattan-based architects)


“We are so incredibly pleased with our new home. You have been exceptional to work with and you coordinated everything so well. And you finished in under four months!” –(2014—remodeling on a tight schedule for a young family on Garth Road)


“We just want to let you know that it is SUCH a joy to have Ace people around. Surely you already know you have great guys working for you, and you should know we think so too. We loved having Dan in charge of the crew who built our porch, so it was a pleasure working with him again. And as before, he and his team were courteous, efficient, thoughtful, and freely communicative about what was happening. Thanks again, Tim, for your thorough explanation – complete with illustration! – about what they would be doing, and when they would arrive. All, so important, and so much appreciated.

This renovation project can best be compared to an essential but extremely invasive and sometimes mysterious major surgery. Ace’s bit was a bright ray of sunshine through the dark cloud!” –(2014—repeat clients out Rt. 250 West)


“John–The second point is praise for your work. This weekend my daughter and family stopped by to see how things looked and they were joined by one of the neighbors. All of them thought the work looks wonderful. But the main point is that the neighbor commented on the fact that the workers always showed up, even on the bitterest cold mornings and were unfailingly polite. It matters to me that they were, but it’s obvious that it matters to you as well. Thank you.” –(2014—addition & remodeling downtown)


“It occurred to me that I could actually write a note when sending the final check for the great work your guys have done for me. Thank you so much for all your patience, understanding and hard work. It is deeply appreciated.” –(2014—detached apartment with shop, new garage, extensive site work off Garth Road)


“Thanks, Tim! No problem at all. And it gives me a good chance to tell you what a great job Ivan and Dave did while they were here. It was a pleasure to have people who knew what they were doing, wanted to do a good job, spent the time needed to do it right, and caused the least amount of disruption possible. They even went the extra mile to make sure there was no dust – inside or outside! We really appreciated the work they did and are very grateful to be able to work with you and Ace Contracting. Thanks for everything!” –(2013—earthquake repairs in Louisa)


“Thank you and the Ace family with all of my heart for having brought me such goodness and generosity during a very difficult time in my life. I can’t find words to express how deeply I appreciate the concern and care you’ve shown from the day you first came to the house. I will never forget.” –(2012)


“Dear Jim, Enclosed is the final payment for our latest project. With all the additions and subtractions, it’s amazing the whole thing came out within $80 of the original estimate – and $80 less at that! You’re pretty impressive or very lucky or both. Now, with four bathrooms, one bedroom, one office, one front stoop, and a kitchen (twice) remodeled and a new sunroom built by the fabulous Ace team, our house is almost as much yours as ours! We can’t thank you enough for all your patience, help, and great work and your willingness to fix that ‘just one more thing…’ It’s such a pleasure to work with you and of course we love the results.” –(2012—series of projects for repeat clients near the University)


“Your professionalism and honor have been beyond reproach. You have no idea what this has meant for our family. We put our trust and faith in your hands and you have exceeded our expectations. There is no better feeling than that.” –(2012)


“I now know why Ace has the great reputation is has: SO professional and such nice people working there. Altogether, a wonderful experience.” –(2011)


“Let me say once again that it is really great working with you – your men have done a wonderful job and they leave everything so neat at the end of the day. I hear other people talk about the pains of living through construction projects and I don’t feel that way at all. Not to mention (again) how wonderful the house looks!” –(2011—residing, new kitchen, new master bath, remodel basement, etc.—another serial client—Barboursville)


“Dear John, We so appreciate the expertise and the careful attention to detail that you and your staff have shown on our project. Our thanks to each one who worked so hard!” –(2002)


“Dear Geoff, I want to reiterate how delighted we are with the addition, and with your company’s work. It has been a great pleasure to work with you and Tim especially, but also with all the other persons who have worked on the project.” –(2001—award winning addition in Earlysville)


“Dear Geoff, Jim and John, Our thanks to all of you for the excellent work you did, your attention to detail and your ability to find good solutions to the problems that arose during construction: the beam, the floor(s), the plumbing, the maneuvering of that big window into such an inaccessible space without destroying my garden, the placing of that big stone slab – the blending together of everything to achieve such a pleasing space, and one which works so well. Above all, we appreciate the high level of workmanship and persistence that brought about such a fine result.” –(1998—remodeling on Rugby Road)


“Jim, We wanted to let you know how much we like our new house. It’s terrific!! Your help in planning, your thoughtful suggestions, guidance and good humor made the project pleasant and productive. The extraordinary level of craftsmanship of your workers is evident in so many subtle and obvious ways.” –(1993—new home for a family relocating from New York)


“I want to express my appreciation, and that of the entire congregation, for the outstanding work done by Ace Contracting in the remodeling of our sanctuary. The level of craftsmanship exceeded my admittedly high expectations. The coping work at the stone walls drew everyone’s admiration. Your flexibility in meeting our “shifting sands” scope of work and dealing with the scheduling difficulties of these changes is also much appreciated. This was my first experience in working with Ace Contracting, but I hope and expect that it will not be the last.” –(1990—architect for a church project)


“Dear Geoff, Now that we have had a chance to actually live in our house, we have been reflecting on how well this project went for us and how much we enjoyed working with all of the Ace group. From the very beginning our talks with you were very helpful for our planning of the building of the house and once the work had begun and Jim was in charge of the job things could not have been better for us. Jim was absolutely stellar in his understanding of the drawings, his ability to anticipate problems in these drawings and his suggestions for improvement. His insistence on getting things right coupled with a delightful sense of humor made him a joy to have working for us. I believe the quality of the whole Ace crew to be exemplary and again a pleasure to work with. It has been a pleasure to be able to recommend Ace with absolutely no reservation.

P.S. How does one get one of those terrible Ace T-shirts?” –(1989—large addition, remodeling, etc. for two architects in Batesville)