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It’s Who We Are – It’s What We Do

It’s been a long time since Ace Contracting consisted of one brother driving a brown Pinto station wagon with a ladder tied on top….a lot of dues paid back then. A highly skilled friend once said he knew so much about his trade because he had made every mistake possible. There were many such moments of bitter education at Ace during the beginning. But eventually the knowledge and skill outgrew the errors and frustrations. We became recognized as solid, reliable competitors sought out by clients and architects. Eventually we were entrusted with more and more challenging, unique projects requiring all of our craft and ability (as well as patience and good humor). These have run the gamut from colonial restoration to avant garde experimentation.We came to realize what a true honor it is to be asked (allowed) to build or remodel someone’s home.We take pride in who we’ve become as a business–a stable, widely published builder and remodeler of diverse, interesting structures–providing shelter, beauty, function–well respected for craftsmanship, experience and honesty.

We also take pride in who we’ve become as engaged citizens–contributing money, time and experience to a wide range of community needs and efforts–with an emphasis on issues related to health, homelessness, poverty and social justice.

And after all these years, we still love to build. Sometimes the daily grind momentarily obscures this fact but it’s undeniable. We still get a kick out of creating an interesting, beautiful structure whether it’s a small remodeled bathroom or a new home on a hill with a view of the Blue Ridge. We are energized by the challenge of an innovative or unusual design. Our passion for creative construction carries over into our private lives; all four of us, without exception, pursue our own personal building projects as avocations, using the same care and attention to detail that we give our clients’ projects during work hours. A screened porch, a deck surrounding a boulder, a jewelry box to surprise one’s wife–like the t-shirt says, “It’s Who We Are, It’s What We Do.”